Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Stand Up for Littles and my journey to paddle out to, and back from, the Isle of Shoals in September 2013.

Since I first stepped foot on a paddle board earlier this summer and committed myself to making the 17+ mile ocean paddle, I’ve met some great people along the way who have inspired me to meet this challenge.

Collectively, my friends, family and sponsors have proved to be an unbelievable source of encouragement, but my trek would not be possible without the memory of my mentor and father, the support of my wife Diane and the inspiration of my Little, Caden.

As Caden’s a Big Brother, I’m honored to dedicate my paddle to him and all of the amazing kids around the country associated with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

No matter how small we feel at times, I hope my paddle proves that we are all capable of Doing Something Big!

I welcome you to check back regularly for training updates, news and stories about my adventure. You can also follow my journey on FACEBOOK.


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